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When quality and design are important, choose Vetro Raccordi glass fittings for an extensive range of frameless glass solutions. We are a specialist designer and supplier of frameless glass fittings, available nationally through authorised installers.


With elegant simplicity, our glass showers deliver spacious and contemporary styling. Custom designed to suit your space, our timeless shower screens will enhance your bathroom with the least visual intrusion and the most light flow. Even small bathrooms feel larger.

The Vetro Raccordi range of shower hinges, handles and accessories complete the look of luxury and ensures you are choosing the highest quality available in New Zealand. Visit our Handles page for a selection of handles and knobs to complement your shower and bathroom.

Download pdf of our Bathroom brochure here.

A sliding shower door is a perfect solution in areas where space limits a swinging door or alternatively, to create a larger shower area and for easy access.

View our sleek and smooth Vetro Raccordi sliding shower systems which are engineered to not only look good, but also for effortless functionality.

Download pdf of our Bathroom Brochure here.

Duet Sliding Glass Shower

Frameless glass balustrades are the least obtrusive fencing option available. They allow the eye to travel further without interrupting your view, while still meeting safety and building standards.

The premium Vetro Raccordi range of fixing options and styles will provide the right solution to meet your situation, designed to suit New Zealand conditions.

Download pdf of our Balustrade Brochure here.

A frameless glass pool fence is the optimum solution to secure your pool area without hindering your view. The pool fencing will enable your landscaping and outlook to shine through.

Vetro Raccordi offers a range of fixing options, including Floor Mounted Channel, Miniposts, Bolt-on Anchors and Cuboid Face-Fixed systems. These are complemented by our self-closing pool gate hinges, latches and floor springs which are manufactured in quality marine grade 316 stainless steel and engineered to last.

Download pdf of our Balustrade & Pool Fencing brochure here.

Sliding glass doors can open up an area by integrating rooms and contributing the least intrusion with the most dramatic impact.

The Vetro Raccordi range of different fixing systems, including ceiling mounted, side mounted and bottom roller options will provide a stunning and practical solution to suit your structure.

Nothing says ‘come in’ more enticingly than a frameless glass entrance door. Glass doors create impact for shopfronts and also make an architectural feature of pantry doors, wardrobes, internal doors or for separating an ensuite bathroom area.

See also our sliding, bifolding and stacking glass doors.

Frameless glass is the most striking and ideal safety barrier for stairways. The characteristics of glass allow light into what can be a dark stairwell and also avoids creating a division within the room.

Our Vetro Raccordi range of fixing systems includes channel, posts and anchors, to provide you with the most attractive and minimal aesthetic to suit your architectural style and construction.

Download pdf of our Balustrade Brochure here.

Glass canopies allow light flow while still providing a shelter from the weather. Canopies can comprise a single glass panel or a row of multiple panels and the canopy slope can be fitted with either a forward or backward degree of angle to suit.

Vetro Raccordi provide fixing systems using spider fittings or by stainless steel rods attached to the building structure.

Modena Glass Canopy