A glass shower screen delivers timeless elegance, custom designed to suit your bathroom. The clean lines and design simplicity provide the least visual intrusion and the maximum light flow. Even small bathrooms feel larger, and the minimal use of fittings and seals means fewer areas for unsightly mould to build up.
Highest quality brass and chrome-plated hinges feature dual-action to enable the door to open both inwards and outwards and automatically self-centre the door to the closed position.

Shower Designs

Frameless shower screens are becoming more and more popular among homeowners wanting a sleek, contemporary look for their bathrooms. Vetro Raccordi has a range of frameless options and can tailor any style to fit requirements.

Hinged Door Enclosures

Our hinged door enclosures are constructed to suit your bathroom with a premium double action hinge that enables the door to swing both inwards and outwards.

Screens & Dividers

Shower screens are contemporary, minimalistic and allow for zero visual intrusion to the view beyond the glass. Single shower screens maintain space inside the shower, and are often used to enclose both a bath and shower head.

Sliding Door Systems

Functional sliding door showers offer flexible configuration options and a space-saving sliding door. An anti-jump mechanism provides additional safety preventing the door from derailing.


Shower glass

Hardware & Finishes