Our Sliding, Bi-Fold and Stacking Doors provide contemporary, seamless openings for both interiors and exteriors. These glass door systems, without vertical framing, create a feeling of space and enable unobstructed views due to their minimal visual barriers.

Stack Fold Slide Door System

This moveable wall system is designed to enclose balconies, patios, alfresco kitchens and servery windows, as well as for bifold doors to partition offices or conference rooms.

The frameless glass doors, or windows, have a clear vertical edge so no part of your view is obscured. When closed they offer protection from the weather, enabling year round use of your outdoor patio area.

Vetro-Slide Fold Stack Patch Fittings

Patch Fittings

Patch Fittings are ideal for creating wide openings for both interior and exterior situations to provide a maximum clear visual space. Openings can be up to 6m in each direction, facilitating up to 12m openings.


Slider systems are ideal for balconies, patios, alfresco kitchens and servery windows as well as room dividers. They glide smoothly on well engineered wheels and rollers and the glass is generally clear or frosted for privacy.

Alumni Kitset Slider

Sleek and unobtrusive, the slider can be side or ceiling fixed. The multi-wheeled clamps don't require holes or cutouts in the glass and the standard finish is silver but can also be powdercoated.

Alumni Slimline Slider

Contemporary slim profile that can be fixed to glass or timber walls and comes in either single or double doors. Standard finish is silver but can also be powdercoated.

Decor Designer Slider

For a trendy industrial look combining space enhancing glass with functional featured barn door track sets. Chic and mechanical these interior partitions can also be enhanced with glass decorative treatments.

Figaro Sliding Doors

Contemporary combination of glass and stainless steel with accented designer wheels and satin anodised top channel.

Alumni Kitset Slider Options