Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are not just functional, providing reliable protection for walkways, entrances, patios but they can create a stylish statement for any home or building. They do not obscure architectural details and while they act as a shelter, they maintain the natural light keeping an entrance bright and inviting.

Modena Glass Canopy

Can be used as a single canaopy or a row of canopies to suite particular installation. This canopy utilises 12mm toughened safety glass or 12mm laminate glass.

Spider Fittings

Spider fittings are solutions to attach glass canopies using point fixings to secure frameless glass to a structure. They become part of the design and can enhance the overall look of the canopy.

Spider Systems

We stock a range of Spider fittings from standard fittings to European designed Sadev fittings. The fixing detail can be tailored for individual projects including side fixed, bottom fixed or top mounted fittings to meet size of canopy.