Vetro Raccordi’s pursuit for contemporary Italian design flair has always been motivated by a vision to accentuate the view beyond the glass. Our premium quality balustrade fixings and channels not only ensure safety is built into every application, but also ensure a sense of appreciation for the real centerpiece; New Zealand’s landscape and architecture. Unobtrusive, refined, and sophisticated, the result is simple.

Toughened and Laminated Glass Options

The following glass options apply when it comes to NZ Building Code compliant balustrades:



Toughened Safety Glass combined with an interlinking handrail is a compliant balustrade system. This involves a structural interlinking rail, capped on top of the glass (or side-mounted) and attached to each panel and to the building. The interlinking rail provides a barrier to falling in the event of glass fracture. This method provides the longest endurance from a lifecycle stand point.



SENTINEL Laminate is toughened safety glass comprising two or more panels of toughened glass bonded by a plastic EVA interlayer. No handrail is required provided small interconnecting clamps are used between panels/ walls. In event of fracture the interlayer keeps the glass layers bonded and the clamps prevent the barrier from collapsing by holding the broken panel to adjacent panes or building. Handrail is required for panels over 1600mm wide, to meet NZS 4223- 3-2016 for dual pane fracture.



SentryGlas® is a combination of Toughened Safety Glass and SentryGlas® interlayer. It does not require a handrail and generally exceeds the deflection requirements of the Building Code, however clamps are required for 17.52mm glass less than 1200mm wide and for 13.52mm panels less than 1600mm wide. Laminated Glass has a shelf life. Note: Pool fencing only requires 12mm toughened safety glass, no handrail or clamps, rated to the required windzone.