Selené Kitset Frameless Glass Showers

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The Selené Kitset range offers a price advantage and the flexibility of a ‘mix-and-match’ Frameless Glass Shower Screen & Panel selection, either with or without a hinged door. The configuration possibilities cover various shower styles:
◊ 90degree Corner Showers  ◊  Inline Showers with a door and either one or two side panels  ◊  Angled Quadrant Showers  ◊  Walk In Shower Screens

The benefit of Selené Kitsets is the ability to provide a competitive price alternative to a custom designed shower without compromising the finished look or quality. Various size and layout options are available as complete showers, or alternatively individual components can be used in combination with custom-sized side panels which are made to order. Simply contact one of our preferred installers in your area to fit.  Features of the Selené Kitset include:

• 10mm Toughened Safety Glass.
• Aluminium Channel which allows for walls and floors slightly out of level and provides strength for a rigid system.
• A range of Handle and Knob options.
• Chrome Plate or Satin Chrome finish of the hardware.
• Glass manufactured to AS/NZ 2208 safety glass standards.

Download a pdf outlining the glass panel size options

Selene Kitset Frameless Glass ShowersSelene Kitset Frameless Glass Showers
Selene Kitset Frameless Glass Showers