Vetro Raccordi Closing Mechanisms

All our pool gate hardware is manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel for long life and serviceability.

Allegro floor-mount closer

The Allegro hydraulic floor mounted closer enables simple installation and does not require any floor cut-out. It features adjustable hydraulic closing and can be fixed to either timber or concrete.

Spring Loaded Hinge

Spring loaded hinges are manufactured in 316 stainless steel with an adjustable spring tension for self-closing. Mechanical spring closing provides a longer product life cycle.

Capri Hydraulic Hinge

This hinge has an adjustable hydraulic mechanism for the softest self-closing preventing the gate from slamming and reduces any possible catching on little fingers. Mounted to the glass, this hinge requires no fixing to the floor.

Floor Spring Box

A Floor Spring Box contains a heavy duty closing mechanism and is recessed into the ground beneath the stainless cover plate. Suitable for heavier gate loadings.

Soft-close Hinge

Atlantic 530 soft-close hinges are a beautifully designed and extremely robust, soft-closing hinge for pool fences.

Atlantic 530 soft-close hinges are available for glass to glass and for a glass to wall application. The low maintenance aspect makes this a perfect hinge for showers in commercial settings.